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Pathways to Employment Programme

Pathways to Employment Programme is an initiative delivered in partnership with Liverpool City Council and designed to support young people who are at risk of falling into the NEET (not in education, employment, or training) category once they leave school. This could be due to a range of barriers such as being from a low-income household, disability, learning disability/difficulty, bereavement, trafficking, drugs & alcohol misuse, mental health or physical health issues, lack of positive role models at home and school disengagement. The programme provides a range of services and support to help individuals overcome barriers to employment by establishing and creating a pathway to employment whilst recording progression throughout the programme with the use of person-centred assessment tools.

Our key outcomes areas:

How we do it

The Pathways to Employment Programme offers a tailored approach to support each individual, with the aim of improving their outcome across all phases of their leaning journey. We utilise the existing careers strategies already in place in schools to strengthen employer links, expose the young people on the programme to employers from a wide range of sectors, allow the students to explore careers with professionals and to establish the correct routeway for them into future work.

How businesses can get involved

Your business can get involved in this important programme in a number of ways. Whether it be offering to be a job coach, volunteering time or space, or by hosting a work placement.                                         


To find out more, you can connect with a member of our team by using the below details.


The Big Trust

c/o AMION Consulting Ltd. 

Winslow House,

16 Rumford Place, 

Liverpool, L3 9DG





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