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A Big Movement 

Partner Ethos:

As a partner of The Big Trust, you will be joining a BIG new movement for ethical enterprise, which together commits to be a disruptive force for positive change.


The Big Trust partners are a Community Impact Board of local businesses working collaboratively across the LCR to provide leadership in responsible business by innovating, sharing learning and best practice.


The Big Trust partners commit to:


  • Act in order that, in collaboration with other partners, the life chances of people in the community can be enhanced.

  • Work with The Big Trust to create a strategy and action plan which actively engages in their local community through employee involvement.

  • Commit to growing the movement through active advocacy and leadership, demonstrating that partners are aware, ambitious and actively driving positive change.

  • Partnership is open to all companies and organisations, regardless of size, location or experience in community engagement.

Chatting Over Coffee


Community Service

Relieve poverty

Donations will support the delivery of the charitable aims approved by the Charitable Commission with the main aim being to relieve poverty in the Liverpool City Region.

Be supported

The Big Trust’s dedicated team will be made available to the partners ad it will both challenge and support them, to develop and deliver an integrated community investment strategy, which has ethical approach for positive change at its core and in line with our main priorities, to support young people and adults from the 20% most deprived communities in the Liverpool City Region.

VAT Exempt

The Big Trust is a charity and the annual financial support given is a charitable donation, exempt of VAT.

Some of our partners

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