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Brian's Story

Brian was referred to the Ready for Work programme via Addaction.

Brian was referred to the Ready for Work programme via Addaction.

Brian has been part of Addaction for some time, and Addaction felt that he is ready to start to look for employment. Brian felt that his confidence is too low to go to work at that point.

He has however joined the Ready for Work programme and Willmott Dixon gave Brian the opportunity of a 2-week work placement at their Broad Green site.

During the 2-week placement Brian started to build his confidence and he began to feel that he has been given a purpose in life again by attending his placement every morning.

This made him to grow as a person and made him determined to return to the world of employment.

The employees of Wilmott Dixon were extremely supportive of Brian and were prepared to help him at every step during his journey into the world of work.

Brian’s work and determination were so impressive, that after the 2-week placement Brian was offered the opportunity of employment with Wilmott Dixon. He of course grabbed this opportunity with both hands.

Due to Willmott Dixon’s commitment to help the most vulnerable people in Liverpool, Brian is now in full time employment and is able to focus on the next big step in his life - new accommodation, which will remove him from the undesirable living environment he is currently in.

“I would have never been given this opportunity if it was not for The Big Trust” Brian said

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