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Suzanne's Story

Liverpool Mutual Homes referred their housing tenant Suzanne to The Big Trust as they felt that she was ready to start to think about the world of work.

The Big Trust - Ready for Work Programme

Referral agency: Liverpool Mutual Homes Placement provider: Hilton Hotel Liverpool


Suzanne is a fulltime single mum and has been out of work for a very long time.

Although Suzanne has not worked for a very long time, she remained determined to become employed if a suitable part time employment opportunity became available.

She has not been able to make the transition into work herself as she is suffering from a chronic lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

She joined our Ready for Work programme and after completing the first part of the programme - two days pre-employment training- Suzanne slowly started to believe that she would be able to access the world of work.

To support her further, The Big Trust organised a two-week placement for her at the Hilton Hotel Liverpool.

During her placement, Hilton Hotel were so impressed by Suzanne’s work ethic that they have offered her employment before she even completed her placement.

The experience of providing an opportunity for someone to gain confidence and skills via a placement provision was so positive for Hilton Hotel that they have committed to support The Big Trust long term and provide as many placements as possible to our clients.

After the initial three months of Suzanne’s employment, Suzanne has been appointed as the manager of all future placements Hilton Hotel will host.

Suzanne said: “The Big Trust has played a big part in my life, they gave me the confidence to be where I am today. I am in a job that I absolutely love, working at the Hilton Hotel. Thank you to everyone who has helped me”

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